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News and Reviews
This page is where you can find out things about our church. It may be something that we are doing, or someone we want to showcase. We hope you check this page out often.
Interested in learning more?

The 2017 Flower Chart and Radio Chart are now on the wall outside the office. Please sign your name on the date you wish to sponsor. Flowers are $25.00 and the Radio broadcast is $70.00.
Prayer List Updates
In an effort to keep our prayer list current, we will remove names after three weeks unless you call the office (651-5990) with an update on a person's situation and ask to keep their name on the list. 

Also: Please call the office if you know any of the people on our military list. We need to know if they are still in the military. We want to continue to pray for those who need it and would love to celebrate those who have completed their service.
Greeting Ministry
For the next several months I am going to look at different areas of the church at how we might improve and enhance our worship experience. If there is an area that you would like to be involved, please let me know.

On any given week of the year, millions of guests step foot into a church. How they are greeted plays a huge role in determining if they come back. Greeting ministry should be one of the easiest things to pull off each week for a church, but over and over again I see churches that are doing a horrible job at it. I will admit I think we do a pretty good job of it, but keep reading.

Some churches make the mistake of not even having a greeter ministry, which is like inviting guests over and saying “just let yourself in.” Others make an even bigger mistake of having the wrong people serve as greeters. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from guests who have been turned off before they ever walk through the church doors. All it takes is a wrong look or a poor choice of words for a first-time guest to become a last-time guest.

So, how can we make sure that doesn’t happen? 
How can we have a greeter ministry that gives a great first impression?

1.Greeters should be people who smile. I know this sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many sour-faced greeters there are in churches all over the country. 

2.Greeters should open the door. New Spring Church in South Carolina has a policy that says no guest should ever have to open a door. They place volunteers at every entrance of their church to open the doors for their guests. We should do the same. 
It’s a simple way to serve our guests and a great first impression of our church.  

3.Greeters should be good at remembering names. One of the most valuable tools in ministry is a good memory, especially when it comes to remembering names. Greeting guests with a smile and handshake makes a good first impression. Remembering their name when they come back a second time makes a great second impression. By remembering a person’s name, you’re placing value on them, which makes an enormous impact on people. Something I need to get better doing.

4.Greeters should reflect who our church is trying to reach. People of all ages.
If our greeting ministry reflects these four simple ideas, we will automatically see more guests come back to our church.

What are some other ways we can make the church more welcoming to guests?

Clipart ©DJ Inkers
Lost and Found

The lost and found is now in the office. If you have lost anything or if you have found anything, please check in the office. 
We have a new monitor that the choir and pastors can see from the front of the church!
I would like to encourage and remind anyone who might wish to contribute to our Shared Space section of the church newsletter. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Any volunteers to put something together for the November 15th deadline? 

Shared Space…..
I invite you to share times where people from our congregation have made a difference for you or your life. I welcome you to provide your own experience of where our church has made a difference…persons, activities, memories, events, etc. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, and if you need help writing or sending it electronically, just let me know (659-4688). Submissions can be sent to and to the church, 

Thank you!!

Jessica Walsworth

We have been able to mail the monthly newsletter during 2016 thanks to the many families that have sponsored the postage cost. We are beginning a new year shortly and asking anyone who is willing to sponsor a month to please sign up on the board outside the sanctuary. We are currently covered through March. Unfortunately, the cost has gone up – the new monthly rate is approximately $80 per month. Thank you for considering this much needed and appreciated offering. 
  Hi, It’s time to catch you all up on our latest social outings for dinner. In September we visited the lovely restaurant, Olivia’s Chophouse, in Jonesville. The presentation and quality of their food was excellent, and can you believe that 19 ladies joined us, even though we had to travel almost an hour to get there. I think that when the bridge on 12 east is done, the travel time would go down to 45 minutes. We would have had a few more ladies, but some had already had plans to go hear the Michigan author who was speaking at the Sturges Auditorium that evening. We are about to go to the Craftsman restaurant in Portage, MI near the Crossroads Mall. It’s a lovely restaurant in an Arts and Crafts style building, and they offer many choices from an affordable menu. I’m looking forward to dining there again. November 17th the plan is to travel to Fat Cam’s, a restaurant just a few miles south of SR12 on Garver Lake in Indiana. Cajun food is one of their specialties. A friend and I enjoyed their fried perch one evening a couple of summers ago. December will find us much closer to Sturgis as we will have to deal with the winter weather conditions from time to time. If you haven’t joined the fun times yet, you should. Don’t take my word for it; ask some of the ladies who have started going in the last several months. We are grateful to God for keeping us safe and for all the fun, fellowship times we have had. I especially want to thank all the women who help to pick up and transport our ladies to the various dining locations. They are so gracious to do this.
God’s Peace Be with You,
Mimi Klinger, on behalf of the Outreach Committee

New Placemats. WE need your help. 

New placement are going to be printed for us to use at all church breakfast, lunch, and dinners. The placemats will consist of squares and you can purchase a square for $40.00 to advertise your business or a square in memory or honor of loved ones. The chart is in the office for you to select a square. Bring your $40.00 and let Sandy know what your square should say. Questions? Call John Blanchard 651-5879.