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About Sturgis First United Methodist Church
Sturgis First United Methodist Church is family-owned and operated right here in Sturgis, MI. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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Pregnancy Helpline Results
Once again our Christmas Trees were laden with items to support the Pregnancy Helpline, a nonprofit group which provides free pregnancy testing and support for pregnant women and their children. We delivered a van full of items valued at $978.00. 

Helping Hands backpack program:

On August 20th, Midge Steward presented us with the opportunity to support the weekend backpacks to feed hungry elementary children in Sturgis. It costs approximately $360.00 per child for the school year. Last year three churches helped to feed 80 elementary kids: First United Methodist, First Presbyterian, and Sturgis Missionary. In addition to church support, there were corporate grants, donations from local business, organizations and service clubs as well as private donations. Food is purchased at reduced cost from the South Central Food Bank in Battle Creek. Thanks to Parlin’s furniture for donating storage space. Meijer generously donated dental supplies. The best way to support this project is with your financial contribution so the program continues and expands to meet demand. Volunteers pick up food in Centreville monthly, weekly delivery people pack the backpacks on Thursday and take them to the schools. All money is used to purchase food, as volunteers donate their time and vehicle use. Contributions are tax deductible. If you would like to become involved, contact Julie Brenner at 467-3151 for details.

Please give generously again. Forms are in the Messenger, or you can drop your donation in the office or offering plate (mark it for Helping Hands).

Lena’s buckets:

Our August offering was $219.16; offering for September was $199.06, bringing our total to date to $1838.09l. With generous buckets until the end of the year, we should meet our yearly $2500.00 in pledged support for Lena.  
Lena news: 
Cathy Perkins passed on news from Lena after her visit to Sturgis that she so appreciated her time in with us. Also, she had several health issues which have been resolved and she was grateful for that. She mentioned this about upcoming events in her life: 
I’m now on Academy of Spiritual Formation which we do for our churches in Central Asia. As always, this event is very special for me. By grace of God, we may also relax and have some rest here, not only work, work, work. I enjoy what I do on this event - helping with music and with some liturgy. And spend some time with God - in silence time. I love that in silence time I have right as every participant of the event, - not to talk to others, - but spent silence time on beautiful nature, by the lake, or in my private room.
From the In Mission Together – Eurasia Newsletter September 2017:

Religious law in Russia continues to create confusion and problems for many Protestant churches. In different regions of Russia police file charges against churches for not having a proper sign on the building or not having the right kind of markings on the books in the church. These cases remind Russian Christians of bad old times when police used anything just to file charges against nontraditional Christian denominations in Russia (this does not affect Ukraine). Recently, Jehovah’s Witnesses organizations were banned. In a similar way, Irina Matina, District Superintendent of the South District, stated that while leading a Roma (Gypsy) Camp in Novotroitskaya, "The stress came from the visits of all kinds of authorities of the village (administration, police, Cossacks and Russian Orthodox Church) and the regional education department, minor children's department and the Health epidemiology control department. Their visits happened almost every day and were aggressive. They blamed me for different law violations. In all their actions, I see a spiritual reason - we disturbed the devil! ... However, God was with us! We managed to finish the program of the camp and bring glory to the Lord! 

The Mission Team focus for September has been hunger:
Salvation Army food drive during the month – we will deliver the grocery items in early October and let you know the results.
Helping Hands Backpack program - $2110.00 as of September 14th.
It is not too late to support the weekend backpack program. Forms are available in the office or you may drop your donation marked backpacks in the offering. Last year, with community support, over 80 children were provided with food on the weekend. The churches that have been involved are Sturgis Missionary, Sturgis Presbyterian and Sturgis First United Methodist. The cost is approximately $360.00 per child for the school year, which includes a voucher for $7.00 for milk, bread and eggs at La Esperanza grocery store. FUMC is responsible for packing and delivering about 40 backpacks to Eastwood on Thursday mornings.  

Upcoming events:

Hurricane Relief efforts at Sturgis FUMC:
UMCOR Advance #901670 Give cash donations to the United Methodist Committee on Relief Domestic Disaster Response Fund at or put an offering in the plate to FUMC designated in the memo for Advance #901670. 100% of your gift is used to care for storm victims. This is possible because of our offering on UMCOR Sunday each spring that raises funds for administration and overhead.

Flood Buckets and Hygiene packets for Hurricane Relief
The mission team is planning to gather supplies for flood buckets during the month of October. Look for the ladders with supplies requested by UMCOR!

World Communion Sunday – October 1st
On World Communion Sunday your giving helps to provide scholarships for national and international graduate students whom God has gifted to learn and to serve.

Community-wide Thanksgiving dinner
Look for the poster with ingredients to make the sweet potato casserole for the community wide Thanksgiving dinner at the end of October.

The Mission Team is grateful for your continuing generosity toward mission projects!

MISSION MOMENTS – October 2017
 The church is collecting various cleaning supplies to assist UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) in helping with the hurricane relief efforts in various states. Donations can be brought to the church this month. UMCOR is one of the first non-profit organizations allowed into disaster-relief areas, and often one of the last to leave. The church also sponsors many local charities, a Russian Missionary, and other United Methodist mission projects.
Lena’s buckets: 
Our offering for October was $220.98, which brings our total to date to $1716.02. We will pass the bucket two more times this year, and if we give generously for the next two months, we should be able to meet our $2500.00 pledged support for Lena.  

Special offerings and projects for missions:
World Communion Sunday (October 1st) – We gave $244.00.
Salvation Army Food drive during the month of September - We delivered 20 bags of groceries totaling $389.75.
Helping Hands Backpacks - $2305.00 as of October first!
UMCOR Advance #90160 for disaster relief in the U.S. - $1440.00 
Flood Buckets for Hurricane Relief - Supplies were collected during the month of October to help stock the UMCOR Midwest Mission distribution center with essential cleaning supplies.

Upcoming events:

Community Thanksgiving dinner
Look for the grocery cart with the turkey on it and take a leaf with an ingredient to help the Mission Team with the annual sweet potato casserole for the Community Thanksgiving dinner. Place your ingredients into the grocery cart. If you purchase butter, please place it in the kitchen refrigerator in the pan marked Thanksgiving dinner. 

United Methodist Student Day offering (November 26th)
United Methodist Student Day calls the church to support students as they prepare for life in uniting faith with knowledge. The special offering provides scholarships for qualified United Methodist applicants. 

The Mission Team is grateful for your continuing generosity toward mission projects!

MISSION MOMENTS – November 2017