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About Sturgis First United Methodist Church
Sturgis First United Methodist Church is family-owned and operated right here in Sturgis, MI. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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Lena’s buckets and news: 
Our offering for April was $ 171.46. Our total to date is $669.09 toward our $2500.00 annual goal. 
Lena will be arriving in Sturgis on May 7th following her Eurasia-Central Asia “In Mission Together” Consultation in Baltimore. The Russia Initiative and the rebirth of Methodism in Russia began with five congregations in 1992. With this initiative, partnerships began between United Methodist churches in the United States and Eurasia and have grown over the last 25 years. At the present time the Eurasia Episcopal Area comprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. “In Mission Together” is the program agency which brings partnerships together. Every two years, a consultation is held to bring these partnerships together and also to focus on a specific area. 
This event will focus on “Mission Movement… in Eurasia.” 
Please plan to stop by chit chat coffee on Mother’s Day to greet her. 
 She will speak at both services.
Lena’s current newsletter is posted on the gathering room bulletin board including many pictures of her ministries. There is more news from 
Lena’s latest newsletter highlighting some of her activities 
in addition to editing the Upper Room.

Mission team members: Julie Brenner, Sharon Bowers, Don Hansen, Bobbye Nusbaum, Maxine Ropp, 
Elaine Spencer, Bonnie Stewart, Jan Wiley, Noel Wiley

We are so looking forward to her visit with us during the week of May 7th to 14th . 
Plan to have coffee and chat with her between services on Mother’s Day.

Special offerings:

Native American Ministries – April 30th
Through Native American Ministries Sunday, UMC is able to equip and empower Native American pastors, congregations and seminary students to do what only they can do: authentically worship and serve Jesus.

Conference offering - One Great Hour of Sharing UMCOR on March 26 - $492.00

Church World Service Blanket Sunday offering on 2/19 results – $424.00 

Easter offering recipients:  Helping Our Neighbors Fund and Centreville Free Store

¼ Free Store - We continue to support our neighbors in Centreville for this project.

​•¼ FUMC Helping our Neighbors – This church fund helps provide the pastor with a means to help with local requests for assistance. 

½ Bishop’s Appeal for Haiti
By all accounts, Hurricane Matthew is the greatest humanitarian crisis experienced by Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. An estimated 350,000 people are homeless and there are confirmed reports of 900 dead with thousands injured. This tragedy is expected to unfold for months as Cholera spreads and the total loss of the planting season leads to wide-spread food shortages.
The Michigan Area Haiti Task Force is actively working with the United Methodist Council on Relief (UMCOR) and local mission partners in Haiti to offer assistance to our sisters and brothers there. The Haitian people will need our long-term support to recover from this deadly storm.

Pregnancy Helpline Results
Once again our Christmas Trees were laden with items to support the Pregnancy Helpline, a nonprofit group which provides free pregnancy testing and support for pregnant women and their children. We delivered a van full of items valued at $978.00. 

​Sturgis Back Pack Program
During the 2014-15 school year, 99 Sturgis school children received a large plastic bag of food with a voucher for bread, milk, and eggs to take home to their families on Friday.

There are forms at the church for you to fill out to help the Sturgis Helping Hands Backpack Program. It costs $10.00 per student per week to pay for the food, and for 33 weeks of school that amounts to $330.00 for the year. Any donation that you can give will be appreciated. 

(Make checks payable to First United Methodist Church and memo “Sturgis Helping Hands Backpack Program)
Mission team members: Julie Brenner, Sharon Bowers, Lorraine Finnerman, Don Hansen, Bobbye Nusbaum, Maxine Ropp, Elane Spencer, Bonnie Stewart, Jan Wiley, Noel Wiley

Lena’s buckets: Our offering for May was $ 326.70, so our total to date is $1020.79  

We had the blessing of a visit from Lena Kim, our missionary in Russia, whom we have supported for 17 years! Cathy Perkins was able to deliver her to and from the Detroit airport for her week stay. She loves the Michigan lakes. Dave and Alice Watson were her hosts, so she was able to experience lake living on South Twin Lake in Howe for the week. Bobbye Nusbaum invited her to spend several days at her condo in South Haven, so she got to see Lake Michigan for the first time. The Mission Team had a pot luck dinner to have a chance to visit and catch up with her ministry news. Alice said one of the highlights was on the trip they took to the food and clothing basket in LaGrange. They were given a tour and Lena told the volunteers they were truly doing the work of God in the community. Then she said she wanted to sing a song in Russian. The group could join her because they would know the song. When she began to sing in her beautiful voice, a woman on the opposite end of the building moved toward the music and was also singing “How Great Thou Art”. It was moving for the volunteers and Alice. That’s the quiet beauty of our wonderful messenger from Russian… Oh, yes, How Great Thou Art! We hope you were able to hear her speak on Mother’s Day and her message that you can’t have two hearts – one filled with love and another filled with hate. She would appreciate your prayers as she has some health and family issues that are weighing on her. As always, she is so grateful for her FUMC family.

Special offerings and events for missions:
Easter Offering on April 16th - $ 1862.00
Checks for $ 451.75 were sent to both FUMC Helping our Neighbors Fund and the Free Store in Centreville. A check for $ 958.50 was sent to the Bishop’s Appeal for Haiti. Thank you for your generous support.
Peace with Justice offering on June 11th

Moved by Christ’s love to pursue reconciliation and peace, honoring the dignity of every individual made in God’s image, The United Methodist Church is unwilling to turn a blind eye to injustice. Although you, and possibly even your congregation, may lack the resources alone to effect change in a broken world, your giving is vital for the UMC to continue its global ministries of reconciliation. Because of the Peace with Justice Sunday offering, the people of the United Methodist Church are able to make a difference together by sowing seeds—and yielding fruit!—of peace.
Native American Ministries on April 30th - $108.00
Relay for Life on May 12th at the Doyle 

Bob and Marilee Yoder reported that things went well and that FUMC donated over $2000.00! 22 people from our church participated in various activities.

CROP Walk – the walk was not held, but may be organized at a later date.
Spring Rummage and Bake Sale on April 20th and 21st
Total including bake sale $980.83
Donated items:
Goodwill - 1,970 x $.50 = $985.00
Thurston Woods - 31 x $.50 = $15.50
Adapt Clients - 16 bags (10 items per bag) - 160 x $.50 = $80.00
Free Store - 297 x $.50 = $148.50
Hope House – dishes, pans and misc. valued at 20.50
Total - 2,084 items x $.50 = $1,232.00

We are able to help with various mission projects with the proceeds from the rummage sale. Thanks to everyone who brought items to sell. We had a great team of workers, including rummage sale divas Alice Watson, Elane Spencer and Julie Brenner. Again, thanks to all who donated time. Thanks to the Blanchards and crew for toting the remains to Goodwill!

Upcoming events:

Mission Trip – June 23- July 1 –Gatlinburg TN 
The Mission Trip Team will be helping with the damage from fires. About 20 volunteers will be traveling and would appreciate your support by sending a letter to be read, taking one of the needed items from the ladders, and praying for their success. Since they will be leaving before services on June 25th, the blessing will be said for them on June 18th between services. 

Giving Tree – Month of July - Domestic Assault Shelter

Helping Hands Backpack program for hungry children – kick-off in August

The Mission Team is grateful for your continuing generosity toward mission projects!