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Mission Trips 
Each year our church takes on a mission trip to help an area that needs more hands on help, fellowship, and Christian love. This year we stayed in our home town of Sturgis and helped families that needed a variety of fixings. Decks were rebuilt, brush was cleared, painting was done, and roofs repaired. 
Last year we went to . . . . . . . 
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We have successfully completed another mission trip. This year's mission trip was August 7-12 to Rockford, Illinois. There were thirteen people that went on the trip: Bob Yoder, Stan Yoder, Ross Yoder, Marcia Harrington, Alice Watson, Daniel Tetzloff, Don Hansen, Carol Hansen, Verda Reed, Lucas Spahr, Tom Scheetz, Karen Scheetz, and Jeremiah Scheetz.

The crew worked in downtown Rockford, on the west side of the river, which is a very impoverished area. There were a few quirks that happened on the trip, but we made it through safe and sound. The weather was hot, just like here, but we stayed in an air-conditioned church. Rockford Work Camps gave the group free tickets to a water park for Wednesday night and that was a fun and refreshing time.

Traffic and road construction were plentiful on the drive to and from Rockford, especially around Chicago. (Where were all those people going?) It took longer than expected, but we all made it there and back without any problems.

We didn't have a big group, but we did a lot of jobs to help those in need. That's why we went - to serve others.

Mission Trip – 2016


On May 1st thru May 6th. A trailer will be parked in the parking, lot all week. Keys will be in the office.

Bring any and all scrap aluminum, and we will
sell it to help the Mission Team. If you need someone to pick up your aluminum, please call the Church office, 651-5990, or 
John Blanchard, 651-5879

Mission Trip – June 23- July 1 Gatlinburg, KY 
“Our” mission trip June 25th through July 1st is to Gatlinburg, Kentucky to help with the devastation from fires. Everyone is part of this ministry of sharing God’s love.  
The team is staying at the Gatlinburg Presbyterian Church and working directly with the LIVE-IT ministry through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.
Thank you all for the response to the sloppy joe lunch. The donations received were $199.00.
There is a sign up sheet for purchasing Mission Trip T-shirts on the bulletin board outside the sanctuary. Near the chapel and sanctuary entrances will be ladders with tags of items needed for our congregation’s mission trip. The items are letters of support that are read during times of devotion, gas gift cards (please turn in to office), sponsorship donations, and snacks that are used for sack lunches on job sites or traveling to and from Gatlinburg.
The next meeting will be May 15th at 7:00 p.m. in fellowship hall. Please plan to attend this meeting if you are interested in joining the team. Release and medical forms need to be turned in at this meeting.