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Vacation Bible School
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Vacation Bible School 2017
Our VBS Rolling River Rampage, is weeks away!
We will have a Kick-off on July 22nd from 1-3:00 in the church yard. VBS will run July 23rd-26th, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. with a 5:30 dinner on Thursday. All community children ages three through eleven are welcome to attend. 

 This year we have made the registration even easier. Just click here and it will take you to another page that holds the registration form. 

 What can you do you ask? 
God's commission is that we share the good news of His grace  and love.  
Our VBS rafting verse for the week is "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you." Isaiah 43:2
Many of our young people in this community do not know Jesus, and the salvation offered through Him. Their parents don't know of saving grace either. It is our mission as Christians, to shine Jesus' light to the world, beginning in our town. 

So, we need volunteers to offer their time and love to the children of our community during the kick-off, as well as the four days of VBS.
We need guides to lead our children to stations where the word of God is shared through song, crafts, recreation, Bible stories. We need station leaders to actively involve children in hearing and experiencing God's love and kindness.

We need prayers for workers, children, and parents.
We require donations of money to defray the costs of materials and supplies for the week.
For those with kayaks, canoes, paddles, fake Christmas trees, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. We would like to borrow those items to set the scene for a Rolling River Rampage.

It takes many to put together a VBS experience that children will remember for years. Can you offer any of the above? As a first time director of VBS, I appreciate your being a part of this special mission for our community. 
Please give donations to Sharon, in the office, noting they are for VBS, or in the offering plate, with the notation also. 

Please stay tuned as we get closer to our Rolling River Rampage experience, where I will share more information about borrowing river gear.

It is exciting rafting on the river with God as our guide. Put on your life vest, and let's raft on!

 Robin Schuler

Dear Church Member,

I am looking for someone to adopt me for VBS. (Over $10/ child)

I really look forward to the fun of the week. I hear we get to wear life vests ($1.67/child)
They sound really cool, and I get to decorate mine anyway I want to!

This year I will get to meet Romper, the river otter puppet ($36.99) He looks like quite a character! Speaking of characters, in our Bible Study we get to dress up and act out scripture. Not only that, but at the end of the week, we each get a scripture treasure tag set (12.99/ 12) to help remember what we learned.

We usually have a Mission during VBS. Someone said something about Mission Pillows ($1.59/child) that we get to make in crafts, and then decide who we want to give it to. I had better start thinking about that!

And, another thing is the way the church is transformed! This year with the Theme, Rolling River Rampage, I guess there will be fake trees, small tents, kayaks, rafts, paddles, camp chairs, and all sorts of cool camp-like scenery, if church members loan items. (We would ask that you put your name on each item, and drop them off for Marty to put in the locked room behind the choir room, the week of July 16th. They will be available for pick up on Sunday, July 29th.)

One of my favorite things about VBS is SNACKS! Soon, we will ask for donations for yummy ingredients to keep us energized throughout VBS!

Wow! The members of this church really know how to work together to make sure me, and so many others hear about God's grace through Jesus Christ. Let's paddle on!


A VBS Rafter

P.S. I look forward to meeting you at the VBS Kick-off on Sunday, July 22nd, from 1-3:00!

To register for our Vacation Bible School online just click HERE.
Small paper plates 250
Small paper bowls 250
Small PLASTIC cups. 250
50 celery sticks cut into six inch sticks
Spreadable cream cheese, enough for the celery...
100 tablespoons 
250 fish shaped pretzel crackers
50 graham crackers
250 bear shaped crackers
4 cans green frosting
4 jars of sprinkles
300 small pretzel sticks
50 large pretzel sticks
50 gummy bears
600 grapes
17 cups mini marshmallow
17 cups bear shaped graham crackers
9 cups milk chocolate chips

VBS Needs These Things. 
Can YOU Help?