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First United Methodist Church is located at 200 Pleasant St. in downtown Sturgis and parking is available south of the building as well as north of the church in the city parking lot and behind the church in the Hackman Funeral Home parking lot. The entrance on the circle drive is the accessible entrance and barrier free with greeters and use of elevator and restrooms. Additional information about the church can be found on the church’s Facebook page. For more information, please call the church office at 
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Worship is family friendly. Come experience: 
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Our helpful staff is available Monday through Thursday, 9-4  to answer all of your questions. The office will be closed on Fridays. We're looking forward to meeting you. 
HomeAbout UsServicesPhoto GalleryNews or ReviewsMission Trips
Bible SchoolWeddingsNews or ReviewsEventsMissions

  • October 22nd - United Service
  • December 3rd - Bishop Bard is speaking at our United Service. Luncheon to follow

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​There's a page called Missions. Check it out to see all the good our church is doing around OUR world and THE world! Click HERE.
Childcare is available during both the church’s 9:30 contemporary and 11:00 traditional worship services. Music is provided by the church’s praise band, Reconciled for the first service, while organ and choir music are featured during the second service. Pastor for the church, the Rev. Jeanne Koughn preaches weekly. On a regular basis, WBET broadcasts each Sunday’s 11:00 a.m. service on its 1230 AM station. The church’s youth group is also re-gathering for fall, with senior and junior high students, who meet each Sunday evening at 5 pm. All are welcome. 
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A new Parlor Class has started. Feel free to join at any time. You can read more about it Here. Then scroll down until you see the information about the Parlor Class. 
Hi everyone! Masterpiece Playgroup is every Wednesday morning at 10am at Sturgis First United Methodist Church! Hope to see you all there!
What Kind of Church Are We?

October 31 was not only Halloween, but more importantly is was Reformation Day. It was in 1517 that Martin Luther sought to reform The Church. He hung his 95 thesis to the church door for the common people to read. Each thesis statement was to correct some of the misconceptions that the church had taught the people. Four of his statements were:

1.The selling of “indulgences” (buying God’s forgiveness of sins with money) is wrong.
2.God’s love and forgiveness is a free gift (grace), not something we have to earn or buy.
3.The Bible should be available in a language that anyone can read and understand.
4.Each person has direct access to God and does not need to go through a priest.

While Martin Luther was not successful at reforming The Church of his day, he became the means that God used in beginning the Protestant Church. Since then numerous denominations all over the world have been established.

It is important for us to seek God’s will for who our church is to be. Are we what God wants for us? The mission statement for Sturgis FUMC is “Making Disciples for Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.” Our statement is about sharing our stories with others so that they may know Christ. However, unless we continuously practice it, it is only idle words.

How inviting are we? Who is responsible to welcome visitors, to reach out, to disciple, and to nurture people in Christ? I read about a man who visited 18 different California churches to discover what they were really like. This is what he had to say about them:

“I sat near the front. After the service I walked slowly to the rear, then returned to the front and back to the lobby using another isle. I smiled and I dressed neatly. I asked one person to direct me to a specific place: a fellowship hall, pastor’s office, etc. I remained for coffee if served.

I used a scale to rate the reception I received. I awarded points on the following basis: 10 for a smile from a worshiper; 10 for a greeting from someone sitting nearby; 100 for an exchange of names; 200 for an invitation to have coffee; 200 for an invitation to return; 1,000 for an introduction to another worshiper; 2,000 for an invitation to meet the pastor.

On this scale, 11 of 18 churches earned fewer than 100 points. Five actually received less than 20. The conclusion: the doctrine may be biblical, the singing inspirational, the sermon uplifting, but what a visitor finds nobody cares whether he’s there, he is not likely to come back.”

What do you think our score would be? Let us pray that God will help us to be all that He wants us to be.

Pastor Jeanne